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Retaining Wall

Walls and fences provide a living space with an identity to suit its purpose. Whether it’d be for lounging, gardening, or play, different styles emanate a different character to the living environment. They can also hold back slopes; add space for new expanded patios, or even open up larger outdoor living areas by closing off unsightly views.

Examples include:
  • Block Wall
  • Timber Wall – Treated pine sleeper, Treated pine log
  • Concrete Wall


Eddie’s budget care Landscaping can also give your existing concrete a makeover.
We offer chemical stain coloring and stenciled artwork to liven things up. If your existing concrete is in good condition our people can also perform a 1/4 inch concrete overlay. The newly poured concrete overlay may be stenciled or colored in a large variety of patterns, colors and textures.

We do the following types of jobs; Domestic, Commercial and Industrial
  • House Slab - For new houses, pier
  • Stencil Concrete – For driveways, pathways, entertainment area
  • Concrete Re-surfacing (spray-paving) – Transform your existing concrete to a new fresh look

Landscape and Garden

Whatever state your garden is currently in , we are able to produce garden designs that will maximise your space and enjoyment throughout the year.

In designing your garden we will work very closely with you to discover what your real requirements are. We can then create a garden to satisfy those needs.

No garden is too big or too small and with years of experience in both designing and building we are best suited to help and advise you on what will and won't work in your setting.


Timber decking provides an excellent surface for sitting and lounging. It is much softer to the touch, it’s warm and is generally a more comfortable surface to relax on in comparison to brick and paving. It also adds a more natural look to walkways and seating areas to help bland in with your planting schemes.

All our timber decking is fully treated to provide years of wear, tear and weathering and our construction is of the very highest of standards. We will advise you on the best use of decking in your garden to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment out of it.


Brick or Block paving is very versatile. They look great on driveways and last a long time. They can be used to great effect as paths, or patios, or mixed with other paving types to create a unique feature.

Water Feature

Adding water to a garden brings a sense of peace and tranquility to your outdoor living space. The sound of water splashing in a fountain and the sparkle of sunlight on the surface enhances any garden design

We use a variety of water features from man-made looks to designs which are made with natural materials
  • Bush Rock
  • Universal Rocks
  • Terracotta Fountains
  • Waterfall and ponds


Fencing has become an important design feature where shape, style, colour and finish have to be taken into account. The coatings applied not only protect the timber but also act as a decorative ornament that, when used with certain colours brightening up an otherwise dull space. Trellises are an excellent way to increase the height of your fence without losing any light; these decorative, versatile trellises can also be used to hide unsightly areas of the garden.

We supply and install fences of all kinds.
  • Colorbond Fence
  • Steel Fence
  • Timber Fence
  • Pickle Fence


We not only provide turf but also grass, soil and lawn services. We can level off your garden, lay out your new lawn, through to providing top-soil and soil nourishment for your lawn to thrive. Lawns are also a great way of adding contrast to a garden, not only in terms of colour and variety but in space and depth.

We supply and install premium quality turf affordable to your backyard, such as:
  • Sir Walter
  • Palmetto
  • ST85
  • ST91
  • Shademaster
  • CT2 Couch
  • Windsor Green Couch
  • Kikuru


We cover all aspects of carpentry contracting; from roofing and structural carpentry, to the intricities of specialist wood working in our customers homes and listed buildings, along with second fixing.

We offer both supply/fix and labour only packages.
  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Pergolas
  • Decks and Timber Flooring
Other chippie services include stud walls, floor joists, trim and moldings, rafters, beams and trusses.

We are always conscious of cost and always aim to be flexible
and competitive for your carpenter requirements in Sydney.